Q. Have weak signal inside your home or office?

A. When trying to access the internet via Abingdon Mesh, you may notice that you have a low signal and cannot connect to the network. This could be due to several factors.

Wi-Fi signal cannot penetrate certain materials found in some housing structures, Metal roof's, dense brick walls and foil backed insulation to name a few. Also, trees and foliage can block signal strength. The number of wireless networks in your proximity can cause signal loss as well. 

To help alleviate these problem, you can purchase a “wireless client bridge” that can convert the Wi-Fi signal into an Ethernet cable you can plug directly into your computer. You can position this antenna on the outside of your house facing the closest tower or wireless mesh node. Some models of Wireless Client Bridges include: Ubiquiti Nanostation or any other Ubiquiti CPE Antenna. https://www.ui.com/products/#airmax. For more information on a wireless client bridge please contact a computer shop or network services company. 

(To view the map of node locations, please click here.)