Get Connected

To get connected to the AbingdonMesh you must have a laptop or desktop computer with a 2.4 or 5GHZ WiFi Card (This comes standard in most laptops). When in our coverage area you can connect to the AbingdonMesh by following the directions below in windows 7. 

  1. Pull up your wireless connections by clicking the wireless icon in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen. 

  2. Find AbingdonMesh in the list of networks. 

  3. Click on the AbingdonMesh and connect to the network. 

  4. Open a web browser, read and agree to the terms of usage for the AbingdonMesh.GetConnected3.PNG

  5. You have sucessfully connected to the AbingdonMesh. If you are having trouble connecting or have weak signal please check out our FAQ page. GetConnected4.PNG