Mesh History

In late December, 1995, a group of citizens met to discuss the potential of linking Abingdon to the rest of the world and the Internet via high-speed computer communications. Committees were formed, a plan was drawn, a Mission Statement was written and the work was begun. In addition to modem and ISDN connections, a fiber optic connection from the the Town Manager's office to the hospital and the Washington County Main Library was established. This initial fiber optic system was a partnership effort between the Town of Abingdon and Sprint. Through the efforts of dedicated volunteers, The Electronic Village of Abingdon website was also established. This website was designed to facilitate the connection of Abingdon businesses, and community service entities with the citizens of Abingdon and the world. After the trial period, it was determined that community interest in this proposed communication system was high and the project was continued.

The Electronic Village of Abingdon was set in full swing as a fiber-to-home connection provider. Over the course of a decade, EVA serviced over 150 customers with high-speed fiberoptic internet connections, until finally initializing the Wireless Mesh Implementation.

Under the collaborative construction of EVA Board Chairman French Moore, Jr, I.T. Director Floyd Bailey, and other EVA board members and I.T. staff, the proposal was broadcast and the bids were collected. In early 2008, the Chicago-based corporation Federal Signal was awarded the bid to deploy a Strix® Outdoor Wireless System (OWS) in the Historic District for the first phase of the Wireless Mesh. Utilizing many customization techniques to adhere to Historic District guidelines, the first phase was successfully completed in mid-September. The offical release date to the public was October 1, 2008.