Our Mission

The Abingdon Town Council and the Town Department of Information Technology have been working diligently to advance the technological corridor of Southwest Virginia and Abingdon. The Abingdon Wireless Mesh's principle function is to improve the emergency services communication and coverage for our Town. The Mesh was originally intended to help protect and ensure the safety of each and every town citizen and visitor by improving the channels of communication and information transferral, as well as securing via FCC license all communications between those in need and those protecting them.

Our Mesh also provides a free Wi-Fi internet connection for citizens and visitors who are within the wireless footprint. The coverage areas detailed on maps are the theoretical coverage area. The actual coverage area is affected by foliage, elevation changes, and general visibility of the point-to-point connections. The Town of Abingdon does not and will not suggest or endorse the termination of subscriptions to a professional Internet Service Provier (ISP, i.e. BVU, Comcast, etc) in the interest of utilizing the Mesh only. We suggest that you determine your needs for internet connectivity and make the determination of your own choice whether to subscribe, keep a subscription, or use the Mesh as needed. Your connectivity needs determine your proper course of action.

The Town of Abingdon seeks to provide a connection to the Mesh that is satisfactory for all users performing common tasks on the internet. As a free service, however, we cannot provide the technical support available from subscriptions to ISPs, who tend to offer 24/7 support. The connection provided by the Abingdon Wireless Mesh Wi-Fi service is presented "at best". We do not offer the support of staff on call at all times to service Wi-Fi connectivity issues or failures. Our goal is to provide this service for the entire Township and some outlying areas of Washington County. Thank you for your interest and support of this service! You the citizen and visitor are the reason for this service and the fuel that drives us to expand and improve it! If you have any questions or suggestions, or require information that is not presented in this website, feel free to contact us at 276.676.2864